We Don't Normally

Today our niece made this card for her cousin Vita (Our Daughter) who passed away 7 years ago. Significant in our hearts because we were just thinking about her today. Significant because we were just thinking how great it is that we get to see her again someday because Easter. Significant because Vita was gone before our niece was ever born. Significant because this is the whole reason for Jesus The Hope of Heaven.

How do you miss someone you never knew?! Maybe they do know each other. Maybe before our niece was ever sent to us Vita got to meet her and maybe they were friends for a brief moment or maybe for all of eternity. 


-Leo and Giorgi


Los Angeles


My name is Giorgi, I am one half of GIORGI+LEO though I am one whole as myself, as is Leo. It's 2:18 in the morning on a Friday in March, I can't sleep so here I am on our website writing to whoever may find this.

Los Angeles born and raised. This city is a beast in every way I can imagine, at least that's how I feel about it at the moment. We moved away for a little while (thats a different story) and sometimes like now I wonder... "Why did we move back again?". Kind of the exact question rolling through my mind just now before I decided to get up and write this letter.  We had a quiet little place in a small city somewhere north of San Francisco (that makes us sound like hippies....it wasn't like that) and then we decided to move back for the same reason non locals move to LA every day... to follow our dreams. That sounds so cliche coming off the tips of my fingers but its the truth. 

There isn't really anything easy about living in this city except for getting a sun tan. Its expensive, its literally easier to make friends (real friends) anywhere else in the world and it takes an hour and half to go the grocery store down the block. If you live here and are following a dream I seriously commend you for more than those 3 reasons! Well done!

Sure we are all out here drinking our Matcha Lattes, and living the life, but lets be real... most of us can't afford it. Its a sacrifice, it costs a lot both financially and personally and yea! Did I say congratulations already? My biggest advice to anyone reading this who is new to this city is get yourself an actual friend, someone who will cross freeways for you in rush hour. Better yet find two consenting adults with their heads screwed on straight and their hearts intact to be your LA parents because its like Oliver Twist out here, and we don't need that...we need some parental guidance, hugs, food and roofs over heads!  If you don't get yourself a real friend youuuuuuuu should probably just buy a plane ticket home because its gonna be real lonely and hard and you won't have anyone to buy you a matcha latte when you are crying and can't afford it or worse you might end up with Fagin! [read the book or be in the musical or a musical medley that includes "I'd do anything" like I was long ago so you can learn who Fagin is].

Anyway here we are making our music, always on the hunt for a home, making friends one day at a time, tossing and turning in the middle of the night because LA and yea. 


Fun Trivia:

I actually don't like being in the studio, I prefer live singing any day. Leo on the other hand loves being in the studio, which is good since he produces all of what you hear!